A credit card is required for car rental, because just like with hotel reservations, the credit card is already used as a guarantee at the booking stage. The credit card is also a guarantee for the rental Car Rental in Lahore company that possible additional costs, such as extending the rental and missing fuel, can be collect from the customer afterwards. The car is usually deliver with a full fuel tank and fuel is not includ in the prices. If the car is return without a fuel tank. Autocue karamu will fill the car for you, in which case you will pay for the fuel used and the refueling service. It is recommend to refuel the car yourself before returning it.


In some countries. The refueling service is automatically add to the rental agreement. Always check the conditions of your reservation so that you don’t have to pay for tank fuel even if you have already filled the car yourself.

Who can rent a car?

In order to rent a car, the driver must meet certain conditions. These conditions vary by country and car rental company. Remember to check the terms and conditions during the booking process. Pakistan Lahore, the person renting a car must have a valid driver’s license and sufficient driving skills for the Car on rent in Lahore conditions. Driving license copies are not accept. But the card and its validity are always check at the rental office.

Certain countries may have restrictions and/or surcharges for young drivers under the age of 25. This should always be check. When Car Rental in Lahore booking. As not all car classes are available for drivers under the age of 25. The renter of the car is its main driver, and when renting, it is necessary to tell who all the others in the car are going to drive. Additional drivers are note. In the car rental agreement.

Be careful!

When you receive the car, check the car carefully and familiarize yourself with the car’s operation before you hit the road. The rental Car Rental in Lahore company must hand over the car to the renter in good condition, and you can also get help from the rental company in matters related to the operation of the car. If you notice dents or scratches in the car that are not mention. In the rental agreement, report them and show them to the staff before leaving.

Take care of the rental car as you would your own. As the driver of a rental car, you are responsible for all dents to the car, including Car Rental in Lahore those caused without your knowledge, for example in the parking lot. The renter is also responsible for the parking, fines and collection costs caused by them. The renter also has to compensate for the cleaning and cleaning costs due to unusual soiling of the car.

In Pakistan Car Rental prices

In Pakistan car rental prices usually include collision insurance (CDW) and theft insurance (TP), which limits the renter’s deductible in the event of damage. If you want even more comprehensive protection rent a car company in Lahore in the event of damage, choose additional coverage, which allows your deductible to drop even further.

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