Nowadays, kids are also conscious about how they can look more attractive and want to be updated with trends. As a parent, you also love to buy accessories for your kids casually or on account of an event. And watches are the one among them. In this era of social media, you can shop online. As you scroll through the shopping app you get confused after seeing a variety of watches and you start getting curious about what should you choose or whether your kid would like it or not. To solve this problem of parents we are discussing kid’s watches which you can get with Trendyol deals.

We research best-selling and trendy watches for kids. In this blog, you will find the best watch you should buy for your child. If you get one of the watches discussed below your kid will be content and happy after getting the watch.

1- Mickey Mouse analog quartz hand watch

Mickey Mouse is the most famous Disney character among children. Kids love the cartoon-themed accessories. This watch is perfect for kids. It is water resistant so you don’t need to worry. It is a high-quality watch that is specially designed considering the kid’s fashion. Moreover, its dial has a picture of Mickey Mouse and a leather strap with buckle closure. It’s a must-buy watch for Disney lover kids. It watch is available in vibrant colors. Choose your child’s favorite color.

2- Educational learning touch screen watch

This educational learning touchscreen watch is designed for children’s educational purposes. Educational games are pre-installed for learning easily. Its body is made of gun metal which makes it suitable for kids. This blue color gives a cool vibe. You must buy this learning smartwatch you if want to keep your child away from a smartphone. Your kid can take selfies and can record voice messages also. They can use a calculator in addition they also can detect footsteps which would seem attractive to a child. You should gift this watch to your child they will be delighted because of its smart features.  And they also look smart. You can pair up this watch with your kid’s clothing on any occasion as well as casually.

3- Classical digital stopwatch

The classical digital stopwatches are the best for kids. Its digital display makes the watch convenient for kids. It has the date and day display. It has an LED light. You can set an alarm. It looks trendy and classy. Your child would like to wear this watch. The dark blue color makes it more attractive. It’s up to 165 feet water resistant. The band is adjustable with buckle closure. Buy this watch for your child. And let them style casually or occasionally. It will add a charm to your kid’s personality.

4- Times Machine digital watch

Times machine digital watch fashionable and modern. Kids of this generation also like to wear trendy and modern-looking accessories. The color combination of black and green makes it look amazing. You should buy this for your child for the reason of their looks. It has a black-green adjustable camo strap. It has LED light for visibility of digits even in the dark. Buy this trendy watch for your kid and make them stylish.

5- Time Teacher Silicone Strap Watch

Time teacher silicone strap watches are perfect for kids who are still learning how to note the time. It is a two-hand quartz analog watch. There are hours and minutes mentioned on hand. This feature helps child a lot in learning time. If your child is struggling in learning time you must buy this watch for your child. Moreover, it has a silicone strap that fits perfectly on a kid’s hand. It is helpful and in addition, it’s stylish too. You must buy this for your kid.

6- Smart Watch with HD Touch Screen

These HD touchscreen watches are very popular among kids. It is for the age of 4 to 10-year-old child. If you are not willing to give a smartphone to your child. Then this smartwatch is perfect, so you should buy it for smart learning. Also, it has built-in games that help sharpen the mind. It has a camera so they can record pictures and videos. Its features are endless so this watch would be an amazing option for both learning and fun. The vibrant colors are available so pick your kid’s favorite.

7- Analog Water Proof toddler Watch 

The waterproof toddler watch has an adjustable band and a high-quality case. It looks classy and stylish so your kid will love to wear this beautiful watch. The dial is simple and the golden color numbers give it a decent look. It’s waterproof so you don’t need to worry. They can wear it even during play and on outings. You should buy this watch it would be worth buying. Colors are available. Moreover, it is suitable for kids of 5 to 15 years. Gift this watch to your kid as it’s stylish and trendy.